Rabbi Solomon Schiff

After the first sermon I ever gave as a rabbi, a little old lady said to me, “Rabbi, your sermons are beautiful. You should have them published,” to which I responded, “Maybe they will be published posthumously.” The woman replied, “Oh, I hope it will be real soon."

Available December 1st

Published by Chai Books

Price: $15.00

Trade Paperback

ISBN: 978-1466498907

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Inside the Book

1 Why a Rabbi?

Sol explains the moment in 1942, when attending a rally with his father for European Jewry outside Madison Square Garden, he first decided to become a rabbi.

2 – A Brooklyn Boy Grows Up

Sol recounts the ups and downs of growing up during the Depression.

3 – The Wild, Wild West of the Modern American Cantorate

Sol shares what it was like during the early days of making the cantorate a career.

4 – Shirley

Sol relives the moment of meeting Shirley Miller, the beauty queen of Herzl Junior College in Chicago, and the golden days leading to the golden years of their marriage.

5 – A Most Unlikely Pulpit

Sol describes the foibles of being a rookie rabbi in Dubuque, Iowa, beginning in 1954.

6 – Mitzvahs in Miami

Sol begins a series of stories with his move to Miami in 1958 and winds his way through a memorable collection of anecdotes, both serious and whimsical.

7 – How I Came to Pray for the Dolphins

Sol describes how he came to deliver more than 30 invocations at the Miami Dolphins’ games, as well as traveling with the team during their epic undefeated season and to two Super Bowls.

8 – Nixon Speaks Hebrew and Other Celebrity Surprises

Sol not only met many famous people during his career; he developed many significant professional and personal relationships with many of them.

9 – Adventures in Israel
Sol and Shirley have made numerous trips to Israel, and in this chapter, he shares some of his adventures––and misadventures, too.

10 – My Life in the Interfaith Community

Sol has devoted decades of his life to furthering the aims and purposes of interfaith communities around the world. He has played a vital role in fostering cooperation and increasing religious tolerance with people of all faiths.

11 – Reflections

Sol has learned so much over the course of his life that it’s virtually impossible to capture it all in one book. In this chapter, he includes some stories that reflect some of the moments that have had the greatest impact.

Sol’s Leftovers

A collection of quips, quotes, and kibitzing that don’t quite fit into any chapter but deserve a place of their own.